Huge Price Reduction!

The owner is very motivated and just dropped the price by $100,000. Huge opportunity here! Need an owner carry? Let’s talk about it!

What About This Land in Tahoe?

Sometimes life can present you with something that is a unique and wonderful opportunity. What will you do when presented with that? Perhaps you can answer that after reading about this wonderful piece of Land in Tahoe.

How does about 8500 square feet in the city sound? What if that lot also had Tallac views, was on the Trout Creek meadow, and last but not least had LAKE views and access? This perfect piece of property is almost a double lot in size and is backed by a small unbuildable private forest and meadow as it opens up to an unblocked view of all the best that Lake Tahoe has to offer. All the lots to the left of the property are unable to be developed, so the home that is built here will be truly private and exclusive. You’ll be able to walk out your back door and get to the lake in less than a minute. There is also public beach access around the corner on Lily Ave. There are no other lots like this in the area. I dare you to walk the lot and surrounding area and not fall in love with it. A TRPA land cap study and topographic survey are on file.


Price: $418,888

Address: 3123 Bellevue Ave., South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Lot Size: 8494 square feet

Area: Al Tahoe

Cross Street: Alameda

Coverage Percentage: 30%

Coverage Footprint: 2548 square feet

Lot Dimensions: 85x90

Bellevue Lot

The Story

I first saw this lot and the others that were bought with it back in July of 2014, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I was born and raised in Tahoe and I grew up on one of the meadows in the area. That said, standing near the back of this piece of land at the edge of the meadow, surrounded by our mountain vistas fills me with a powerful sense of nostalgia. With the Lake included in this picturesque tapestry you can’t help but feel humbled by the beauty.

I have spent several hours just walking and enjoying the area around the lot. It is truly remarkable how such epic vistas can change your thoughts and feelings. Being able to wake up to that every day would be a true dream come true, and I hope that I can share that experience and love of the area with someone who will treasure it as I do.

If you have any questions at all feel free to comment, call, email, or text me at any time.