Real Estate Video Log 1

So this is my first real estate video log that I am actually publishing.  I started trying to make these a few weeks ago, but just didn’t like how they were turning out.  Part of it was the camera that I was using (my laptop, now I’m using my phone which is better), and I felt like I was a little aimless with my message.

I really do sincerely hope that I can keep these going and create a dialogue with other agents, investors, and builders in the area.  In the short term though maybe I can help out on a smaller scale with those that are simply in my social circles.  I watch the occasional real estate video, and they all seem to be geared towards other agents, or John and Jane Doe specifically.  They don’t try and bridge the gap that has grown between the two groups.

I plan on being transparent and as helpful as possible to really try and create a helpful and communicative community.

Please, give me your feedback.