March 2015 TRPA BMP Disclosure Form

Can you believe March is just about over already?  This month, and in fact this whole year seem to be flying by.  So what’s going on you ask? A lot.

There is a lot of talk and meetings recently about the vacation rental market here in town.  Everything so far has just been exploratory, but when things solidify a bit I’ll let you know what’s going on.  Some of the propsed changes could significantly effect that market up here.  Both on the sales side and the management side.

The TRPA recently released a new TRPA BMP disclosure form.  This thing is ridiculous and needs to change.  Take a look at it here real fast:



It needs more scary bold red warnings right?  Seriously though, this thing is scary looking now, and they are indirectly making BMP’s a point of sale requirement by instilling fear in buyers.  Not a tactic that I am a fan of at all.  I believe there are much better ways to enforce and increase adoption of our local best management practices.

I really hope that this doesn’t frighten real estate buyersthis summer.  Only time will tell.  I will of course update everyone and let you know.

Until next time.