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Real Estate Agent Reviews

Travis Rougier selfie with little girl on a rainy day.It is a fairly common search term.  You want to know who you might potentially be dealing with, or maybe when you search for real estate agent reviews, you’re hoping to get some peace of mind in trusting the agent you’re currently working with.  I hope it is the former.  Knowing exactly who you are getting into a transaction with is incredibly important.  Whether you are buying a primary residence, or investing in some income property, reading real estate agent reviews should be done early, and your search should be varied.  Look at their Google, Yelp, and Zillow reviews.  Become informed about the person who you will entrust with some of your financial security.  Check out their website and any social media.  I invite you to do so for me, Travis Rougier.  Get to know me, and see how I compare to the competition.  Read about me, and then read those other real estate agent reviews.  I’m confident that you’ll come back and allow me to help you.

If after doing all of that you’re still not convinced, let me buy you coffee.  I’d be happy to sit down and talk with you about my credentials, thoughts on the market, or anything at all.  If I don’t think that I am the right fit for you, I’d even be happy to go over other real estate agent reviews, and discuss why they are or are not the right agent to work with.  At the end of the day, I don’t only want to be your Lake Tahoe realtor.  I want to be able to help you with all your real estate needs, and develop a long term relationship with you.

Purchase a House in South Lake Tahoe

Real Estate Agent Reviews and Testimonials★★★★★5We used Travis to purchase a house in South Lake Tahoe. Travis was professional and helpful throughout the process. We felt very comfortable that Travis knew the areas in South Lake Tahoe and the pitfalls and benefits of the different areas throughout the Tahoe basin. When we visited properties we asked Travis for his opinion on the property and whether the home would sell at asking price. In most instanced, Travis felt the properties were overpriced and would sell for less than asking. We appreciated his candor and learned quite a bit throughout the process. Things work a bit different in South Lake Tahoe than my wife and I are used to in the SF Bay Area. When we have purchased previous homes the seller has already completed pest inspections, home inspection etc. In South Lake Tahoe it is up to the purchaser to get all inspection reports after making an offer on the property. Travis helped line up all of the inspections and worked with the tenants to gain access to the home for each visit. He made sure that each inspection was done and helped answer many questions that we had along the way. Travis made sure the transaction ran smoothly as we were in the SF Bay Area throughout the process and the property was in South Lake Tahoe. We would definitely use Travis again for any real estate purchase in South Lake Tahoe and we highly recommend Travis’ services to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent.” – Wesley Drake Leong

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