Report:  Almost none.

I can only assume that you’ve seen one of the many stories covering Tahoe’s lack of snow.  As of right now they’re saying that we’ll be getting snow this weekend, but unfortunately every time they’ve said that this year nothing at all has come of it.

Here’s a Tahoe snow report blog that I’ve been following lately :  It is written by a man named Bryan Allegretto.  I really like the blog because he doesn’t seem to try and get everyone hyped up and over-excited for a coming storm *ahem* every big news agency out there *ahem*.  If you’re looking to keep an eye on potential Tahoe snow, I’d check there first.

barbeque coals in a weber at nightObviously the lack of snow accumulation is going to be an issue, and not just for Lake Tahoe, but for California as a whole.  Unless we get to have an actual Tahoe snow report soon, summer is going to be rough in the water department.  There isn’t much we can do about it right now though.  I suppose we can all start conserving water early, which is something that we are doing at home.  I guess you can pray if that is your thing.  There is a popular event here in Tahoe called “Pray for Snow”.  I’ve also seen stickers and posters up at various establishments calling on people to “Dance for Snow”, “Chant for Snow”, and ‘Believe in the Snow”.  I’m willing to do all of them at this point, and I hope you’ll join me!  Other than that though, I’m making the best of the lack of snow, and winter weather in general.  Most evenings after my afternoon run you can find me outside, barbecuing.