Gaining the Seller’s Edge – Tips for Selling Your Home

I wanted to hand out some quick tips for selling your home here in Tahoe.Good morning everybody, last time we spoke we had snow falling down and more on the way. That did not end up being the case, however, and we have late Spring-like conditions out there now.  Everything else I said about it being a seller’s market is still true. This is a fantastic time to be selling your Tahoe home if that is your intention.  In fact while trying to record this I got three calls between 7:30 and 8:30 alone on a listing of mine.

So on the topic of selling I wanted to discuss briefly the Tahoe market and how things are different here. In many of the “hot” markets sellers will often have inspections, clearances, and permitting background work done before being put on the market.  Here in the Lake Tahoe real estate market, that is done very rarely. I strongly believe that any seller’s who do that up here have a competitive edge and may be able to get sold sooner and potentially for more money than other properties which haven’t done so.

I’d love to know what you think? Let me know below.

Snow in Tahoe and the Home Inventory

We Got Some Snow!

Finally right?  It is way past due, and is very appreciated. What does fresh snow mean for the Lake Tahoe real estate market though?

Well, the inventory of Tahoe homes for sale is pretty low right now. When inventory is low we have a seller’s market and we start to see prices rise. Prices have risen slowly but steadily recently. With a potentially large influx of tourism now that we got some snow, we could see prices rise even a bit more as our visitors take the time to look at our home inventory.  Any Tahoe homes currently up for sale should benefit greatly from this.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your Lake Tahoe home, then now is a great time. With a low inventory plus an influx of buyers, it means more money for you and a potentially shorter time on the market.  As a seller you have fewer tahoe homes to compete with as the home inventory is so low.  Pull the trigger.

Tahoe Snow Report

Tahoe Snow Report

Report:  Almost none.

I can only assume that you’ve seen one of the many stories covering Tahoe’s lack of snow.  As of right now they’re saying that we’ll be getting snow this weekend, but unfortunately every time they’ve said that this year nothing at all has come of it.

Here’s a Tahoe snow report blog that I’ve been following lately :  It is written by a man named Bryan Allegretto.  I really like the blog because he doesn’t seem to try and get everyone hyped up and over-excited for a coming storm *ahem* every big news agency out there *ahem*.  If you’re looking to keep an eye on potential Tahoe snow, I’d check there first.

barbeque coals in a weber at nightObviously the lack of snow accumulation is going to be an issue, and not just for Lake Tahoe, but for California as a whole.  Unless we get to have an actual Tahoe snow report soon, summer is going to be rough in the water department.  There isn’t much we can do about it right now though.  I suppose we can all start conserving water early, which is something that we are doing at home.  I guess you can pray if that is your thing.  There is a popular event here in Tahoe called “Pray for Snow”.  I’ve also seen stickers and posters up at various establishments calling on people to “Dance for Snow”, “Chant for Snow”, and ‘Believe in the Snow”.  I’m willing to do all of them at this point, and I hope you’ll join me!  Other than that though, I’m making the best of the lack of snow, and winter weather in general.  Most evenings after my afternoon run you can find me outside, barbecuing.

VLOG #1 – Travis Rougier – Tahoe Homes for Sale

Real Estate Video Log 1

So this is my first real estate video log that I am actually publishing.  I started trying to make these a few weeks ago, but just didn’t like how they were turning out.  Part of it was the camera that I was using (my laptop, now I’m using my phone which is better), and I felt like I was a little aimless with my message.

I really do sincerely hope that I can keep these going and create a dialogue with other agents, investors, and builders in the area.  In the short term though maybe I can help out on a smaller scale with those that are simply in my social circles.  I watch the occasional real estate video, and they all seem to be geared towards other agents, or John and Jane Doe specifically.  They don’t try and bridge the gap that has grown between the two groups.

I plan on being transparent and as helpful as possible to really try and create a helpful and communicative community.

Please, give me your feedback.

Tahoe Rain – Steaming Trees

Tahoe Rain

I know we aren’t really getting any snow here in Tahoe, but the hiking has been great.  The rain we got the other night was fantastic as well, and this is what I got to see across the street the next morning.  Unfortunately I only caught the last few seconds of it happening.  The whole forest had been doing it moments before.  It was so amazing watch all the trees in the forest with that evaporation.  It only lasted about two minutes in total.  Gotta love the Tahoe rain.