by Travis Rougier

Blogging for Tahoe Regional Young Professionals


As you may or may not know I am a member of a local organization called TRYP. Not only am I a member but I am also on the marketing committee, and just recently took on the role of being in charge of their blog! So now I will have some accountability with blogging and the plan is to be getting some more writing done on here as well.

I wrote a piece for them about staying motivated during the holiday season and I think it works for my main blog too. If you want to see it on TRYP’s site you can find it here: TRYP Staying Motivated During the Holidays. Otherwise it is below:

Staying Motivated During the Holidays

Wow. December has been busy! There have been Christmas parties galore, cookie making, shopping, threats from the “Storm of the Decade”, cookie eating, decorating, and more cookie eating. None of this has anything to do with work, but for me this is somehow an incredibly productive time of year, even though my work and my career aren’t my main focus.


I wish I was eating one right now…

Holidays are the time of year we like to spend with family, or to simply not be at work anymore. Many of us are burnt out. I understand, and feel very much the same way. There are some ways I have found to remain successful though:

  • Take some time off, get away, and get yourself into a place where you are relaxed and able to make sound decisions. Often our family and business life can suffer when we are stressed and making hasty choices. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home often. If it is at all possible I highly recommend it, especially at this time of year.
  • Once you have relaxed and shed the daily stress, it is time to evaluate. Look at your workload (without stressing!) and prioritize it. What has to be done by when? Once you’ve finished doing that for your job, do one for your personal life as well.
  • Now that you have a prioritized list you can address them in the correct order and stay focused on them until they are done. Make a schedule that is realistic and leaves you plenty of time to spend with family or doing what you WANT to do at this time of year. Try not to multitask. Multitasking kills your creativity, causes stress, and in the long run actually lowers your productivity. Get your work done, get some personal goals met, and stick to that schedule.
  • Here’s something you may not know: I love cookies. Chances are your coworkers do too. Sharing food with workmates is a great way to take a break, relieve holiday anxiety, and create trust. Recent studies have suggested that 57% of employees said that food-based perks make them feel more valued and appreciated. 50% said that food-perks would make them feel more satisfied with their employers. Never underestimate the power of a cookie again.
I wish I was also eating these right now...

I wish I was also eating these right now…


Before you know it you’ll have crossed off most of your list. You’ll be a bit more relaxed and you’ll have potentially cultivated better work relationships. Now when it is time to actually get back to the grind after the holidays you will already be set up for success. In fact, now would probably be a good idea to start thinking about those New Year’s Resolutions…