How Much is My House Worth?

How Much is My House Worth?

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The markets are currently on the rise and recovering from the market crash. Now is the time many of us have been asking, “How much is my house worth?”  Well, homes in Lake Tahoe have fared relatively well compared to the rest of the market so more and more listings are showing up on the MLS.

If you would simply like a very basic estimate of your home value, you can get one using tlooking on some of those other real estate sites.  Unfortunately many of the sites out there that can provide home value estimates do so somewhat poorly.  The fail to make you aware of the fact that what they provide are very rough estimates. Rarely do they have any knowledge of our unique Tahoe home values.

For a more accurate home value calculation a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis should be performed. This takes into account any amenities, location, age, and not only recent sales but recent escrows that have begun.

I would be happy to provide you with a CMA with zero obligation or charge. Please contact me at 775 450 0292 or just fill out the home valuation form here: Valuation Form

Let me answer the question of what your house is worth.