Selling Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Selling in the Lake Tahoe real estate market

As a born and raised South Lake Tahoe native, I grew up in the Lake Tahoe real estate market, and I think it is fair to say I know what locals want from a professional who will be representing them. I know what I would want, and I also know what we usually get and generally have to accept.

As Lake Tahoe real estate investors and home sellers, we want someone who is going to communicate with us. We don’t want a real estate agent to get our listing and then never hear from them again. We want someone who would go so far as to document and adhere to a guaranteed level of communication. Someone who would provide a warranty stating that if they didn’t fulfill their promises, then we could fire them without being stuck in their contracts.

We want someone with a plan to sell in our Tahoe market, and not something that is copied and pasted from “Everywhere Else, USA”. We want this plan to find and secure us a buyer in a reasonable time. This person would need to know what a buyer wants when they are looking for in a home in the Tahoe area.

We want someone who is seasoned, but not stuck in the old ways of doing things. We want them to have the experience and backing of a professional and respected company, and this company should be an affiliate of a national or global community so that we know our needs will be met.

I know what we want. I set out to provide what we want and what we were missing. Let me show you what a dependable, professional, local, and experienced Lake Tahoe real estate agent, and investor can do for you. Let’s work together to get it done.