1634 Skyline Drive home for sale in Tahoe

1634 Skyline – $799,888

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Hello and good evening! Just a quick little post for everyone today! So I showed a few properties in Tahoe earlier, and I went from the higher end of the spectrum with 1634 Skyline Drive listed at $799,888.

1117 Dedi Avenue home for sale in Tahoe

1117 Dedi Avenue – $125,000

Down to a house whose value is only in the land and allocations that it currently possesses. That home was 1117 Dedi Avenue and is listed at $125,000.

Here’s the funny thing, not only did I like both of the homes (in totally different ways of course) but the people I showed the properties to were very pleased as well. One of the thing that always surprises me is that there is a buyer for virtually every single property out there. I have listed and sold properties that have almost no redeeming qualities to me at all, but someone ends up falling for them, and loving them. I think that truth has allowed me to be more open to properties that I would have previously completely ignored and perhaps even scorned. It has helped me open my eyes to more possibilities and has definitely brought me in to contact with varied and… interesting people. I love this job!