So each weekend I have been going out to get familiar with the inventory here in Tahoe. As of right now I’m just going through the vacant properties as it allows me to bring along the family and then we can go out and get lunch afterwards.

I have quickly learned that the toughest critics happen to be the girls. It is surprising what they do and do not like, and inevitably each week they have a favorite house, and one that they can’t get out of fast enough. For them this last week, the clear winner was a house on Cree Street off the Pioneer Trail area, just before Meyers.

Green gets points.  As do lawns.
Green gets points. As do lawns.

The oldest, immediately upon pulling up in the drive loved the color of the paint, “Ohh Daddy, its green!” Green is her favorite color, and so this house was already off to an early lead compared to the others. While walking up to the door, both of the kids ran onto the lawn to perform somersaults and proclaim how much that they love grass. Super, I’m sure the whole neighborhood heard them as well.

We get inside and the girls went straight for the sliding glass door leading to the backyard. This sliding glass door got some points from them because they could both lock and unlock it, and open it fairly easily. The back deck was pretty nice. The girls enjoy looking into the neighbors windows when elevated like that, so the youngest spent a moment watching Spongebob on someone’s TV through their window. I’m sure some day we’ll be able to teach them manners… some day.

The oldest proclaims that she loves hot tubs as she sprints past it into a dog kennel which according to her is “spooky and cool”. I think to myself that it might be handy to have for when the kids are acting up… just kidding. That would be wrong.

Looking down the backyard.
Looking down the backyard.

Following them down the yard there is a treehouse-type slide and play area set up. Very cool, even for me. There is also a sandbox, some benches, and some bird houses set up, and I instantly recognize that they might not see the rest of the house, and may in fact want to stay here the rest of the day… maybe the night if they can swing it. I am, however, an amazing parent and successfully bribed them with pizza and soda persuaded them to check out the rest of the house and move on from the “coolest backyard EVER”.

The "treehouse-type slide".  Also a nice vantage point to watch TV in the neighbor's houses.
The “treehouse-type slide”. Also a nice vantage point to watch TV in the neighbor’s houses.

In the kitchen both the girls diligently inspected every single cupboard. The lazy susan corner cupboard got the “this is cool” with a thumbs up, and the cat door on the laundry room door got both of them talking about how they wished that they could fit through the tiny door. In the end they decided it wasn’t actually for a cat, but for fairies that might want to help them do laundry. I anxiously await the day I get help from the laundry fairies.

I can see EVERYTHING daddy!
I can see EVERYTHING daddy!

A house with stairs instantly gets points from the girls, but this one got a few extra as it has a “spy spot” so that they could monitor kitchen activities. Once upstairs I have to make mention of how large the master bedroom was. Very large, and tons of windows. The girls were captivated by the other rooms though.

While I was checking out the master bedroom I could hear gasps from both the girls and they both immediately began saying things like “It’s so beautiful!” and “This room is mine, you can have the other one.” One room, was Pink and purple, the other a lavender or periwinkle and teal. They both began explaining to me (simultaneously of course) what they loved about the rooms.

They liked it THIS much.
They liked it THIS much.

The curtains, the carpet, the paint, the closets, the curtain adornments, the peg hangers, and the windows looking out at “their” playground. The ONLY negative I heard was that the teal room didn’t have peg hangers like in the pink room, and that it didn’t have curtain adornments. After much discussion and calculating out the scores, they came to their conclusions. They liked it. They liked it THIS much —->

So there you have it. Their home of the week is located at 1569 Cree Street. You can find the MLS information on it below and many pictures of it. If you’d like to take your critics there to see if it would be a good fit for you let me know and I’d be happy to show it to you.

Click the listing below to see more pictures and get more information on the house!