Dutch Genius

Well, at this point most people have probably seen it. With a few hundred thousand Facebook likes and lots of copies of it springing up, there is no doubt it is popular. If for some reason you HAVEN’T seen it, you just now had to scroll past it to read this. So go back up and allow yourself one minute and six seconds of entertainment… There, aren’t you glad you did now?

Is anybody else freaking out about what a great idea this is?! This man was selling his house and took showing it to another level. People will come look at his home for sale just for the uniqueness of the experience. That in turn will create buzz and help develop discussion on the house. I wouldn’t be surprised if that place sells quite quickly, and deservedly so.

Watching that has definitely prompted some questions that I’ve asked myself: How can I do something like this for every listing I get? How can I attempt to mimic the buzz and attention this house has gotten? While obviously I can’t build a rollercoaster through someone’s house, there is generally something interesting and fun that can be done. I just need to figure it out for each property. I know on some past properties that I sold, I wish GoPro had been around for the 40-100 acre hikes I’ve taken. There would have been some great images, videos, and a walkthrough that would save clients hours upon hours of walking and potentially driving.

What are some ideas any of you have had thanks to this? Have any of you had an agent that did something wonderful and crazy to get your house sold?